At Indix, our operations team is not only responsible for our system uptime but a lot more like cloud costs, process and framework around self-serve of various infra pieces. Over the years we experimented some techniques for scaling our operations team's effectiveness, and some of them worked well for us. In this talk, we wanted to share some of our learnings and success stories of building a dynamic engineering culture that not only values system design but also operations from day one. Many of the tools from our OSS page are our success stories in this regard.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Scale of operations at Indix
  • Experiments as part of engineering culture
  • Outcomes
    • Learnings
    • Success stories

Ashwanth, briefly talked about one of our experiments at DevopsDays India 2016 - dev+ops culture. Slides can be found at

Learning Outcome

Lessons from Indix's experience on

  • Advantages of thinking operations from day one for any system
  • Scaling operations for a system that's inherited or being built while running in production
  • Guidelines for developers while choosing tools / technologies

Target Audience

developers, devops, engineering managers

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Public Feedback

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  • Joel Tosi
    By Joel Tosi  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Ashwanth, thanks for the submission.  One particular part jumped out at me - the last learning outcome around how to choose tools.  Could you elaborate on that some?  



    • Ashwanth Kumar
      By Ashwanth Kumar  ~  2 years ago
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      One of the things we do at Indix is maintain an internal Tech Radar - which acts as a guide line when choosing a tool / practice. They generally flow from Assess -> Trail -> Hold / Adopt. Very similar to ThoughtWork's tech radar but contains internally used tools and practices.

      Let me know if this clarifies else I can explain a bit more. 

      • Joel Tosi
        By Joel Tosi  ~  2 years ago
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        That definitely helps.  Are you recommending that other organizations have their own internal / sharing yours / how to use one / something else?

        Lastly you mark this as intermediate - what is the precursors you expect attendees to have?

        • Ashwanth Kumar
          By Ashwanth Kumar  ~  2 years ago
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          Yes it definitely helps to have a small version specifically tailored for your organisation or stick to community one's like that of ThoughtWorks. We're working on sharing ours hopefully we will be able to do it by the conference date in March. 

          Sorry it wasn't supposed to be marked Intermediate - I've changed it to Beginner. No prior knowledge is required to attend the talk. Thanks for pointing out.