Building quality in for rapidly growing mobile app

Learn to design test strategy for a growing mobile app, the agile way 
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Outline/structure of the Session

What is the Test Strategy for app in ‘nascent stage’
  • Manual testing suffices
  • Professionals not needed
  • Prime strategy is to release


What is the traits of rapidly growing mobile app
  • Rapid feature upgrade
  • Need for fast feedback and continuous testing
  • Where to test and how much to test
  • keeping product team in sync with fast paced development
How do we address below challenges ?
  • Rapid feature upgrade
  • what to automate
  • how much to automate
  • maintenance and addition
Continuous Testing - why and how
  • Fast feedback
  • Core vs. Comprehensive feedback
  • where to run the test
Device Coverage - why and how 
  • Addressing both iOS + Android
  • Write once execute anywhere
  • More feedback in less time, think ‘parallel’
  • Choose your device set wisely than just hop into cloud
Collaboration - why and how 
  • Involving product team
  • Sharing Report and Analysis
  • Socialise test result and report

Learning Outcome

Session Takeaway:
  • How do we build a strategy to get faster feedback?
  • How do we address both iOS + Android app ?
  • How can we get more feedback in less time ?
  • Should I jump on to device cloud ?
  • In a rapidly growing mobile app how do I make sure entire team is collaborating ?

Target Audience

QA, Developers, Product Owner, Engineering Manager

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  • Anand Murthy Raj
    By Anand Murthy Raj  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Nishanth,

    Thanks for the proposal. Certainly interesting topic.

    Testing in Agile is a very hot topic. Evolutionary methods in testing is what is the need of the day. Can you please explain is the learning objective you have mentioned is a framework you have applied and seen results or is it just an evolutionary idea that you would like to share

    Do you have any data to support the approach?

    Can you please share the slides you would like to present?



    • Nishant Verma
      By Nishant Verma  ~  1 year ago
      reply Reply

      @anand Yes this is the framework we applied and executed with one of our clients and seen the result and changes. And hence we wanted to talk about it as mobile development has really caught up and folks are still trying to adopt and tailor made agile testing for their needs.

      Slides are being prepared and will be shared shortly.

  • Vinod Kumaar R
    By Vinod Kumaar R  ~  1 year ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Nishant,

    This fits in the CD and DevOps sub conference. I request you to move it there.