Enterprise Agile Pasta game - feel the scaling

Learn a new tool - Enterprise Agile Pasta game! Created by us to help teams to feel the challenges in the Enterprise environment - scaling, distributed teams, communication issues, different cultures and leadership styles.
During the 3 phases of the game we will be debriefing and discussing lessons learnt, so you could walk-away with useful insights, understanding of scaling issues and practical advise.
Last, but not least, it is a fun activity and opportunity to make friends with a like-minded people.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

There are 3 phases in the workshop.
In the 1st phase it very much reminds a ball game and we ensure that people get all the learnings they get from the ball game, except that balls are replaced with pastas of different shape per team :)
In the 2nd phase they have a challenge to scale collaboration to the 2 teams and advance iteratively.
In the 3rd phase all room is involved with many teams trying to scale into enterprise size Scrum.
In between of each iteration there are reflections, discussions and some coaching.

In general it's a lot of fun and during several runs of the game that I did already I get high feedback in the top corner of the Fun vs Value axes.

Learning Outcome

It is unique game created by the team of agiletransformer.com experts to demonstrate challenges of scaling in the safe workshop environment. It is a tool for all Facilitators and materials are given away for free to all participants to play with their teams in their companies.
It is fresh, highly interactive and fun.

Target Audience

It is a tool for Scrum Masters, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Managers and other people in the role of Facilitator

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Public Feedback

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  • Jutta Eckstein
    By Jutta Eckstein  ~  3 years ago
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    Thanks Vladimirs, for your proposal! I'm sure it will be fun. However, I have a few questions:

    1. How many people can you handle with this session?
    2. What are the exact learning outcomes and how do you ensure they will be achieved?
    3. Is there a possibility to shorten the session?

    Thanks, Jutta