leanGears Discovery – A framework for discovering Product Requirements.

A Product is not the end goal for users rather it’s a means to do activities in real life to fulfill their needs. A Valuable Product is one that helps the end users do those activities easily and willingly. 

A Product owner is someone who understands the customers who buy the product, end users who use the product and sponsors who invests in the product and prioritizes the work done by the development team to maximize the value of money and time spent by them(Customers, end users and sponsors). Scrum do not prescribe a specific way of discovering requirements and value as discovery process varies widely based on domain. leanGears Discovery framework attempts to give guidance to Product Owner to discover product requirements and identify value.

In this workshop, Satisha will give you an existing Problem and help you discover Product requirements to solve that problem using leanGears Discovery framework.

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Outline/structure of the Session

- Introduce participants to leanGears Discovery framework
- Form discovery teams and give them sample vision statement to apply impact mapping to come up with Product features. (Hands on)
- Quick introduction on experience mapping as a tool to conduct interviews and provide hand outs of experience map for the sample product (Hands on)
- Explain User story mapping and splitting techniques. Let participants create an user story map. (Hands on)
- Explain techniques to assign business value and different ways of prioritization and techniques to add just enough information to get started with delivery. Let participants build the prioritized product backlog based on cost of production, business value and cost of delay. 

Learning Outcome

  • Learn why we should focus on Value Hypothesis before focusing on Growth Hypothesis.
  • Learn to craft Product Vision using techniques like creation of product promotion video, hoarding at airport.
  • Create an impact map from vision to identify Product features based on user behaviors to be changed.
  • Learn to conduct user research and how to organize the information from users using experience mapping
  • Create a user story map using information from user research and identify MVP
  • Learn techniques to identify business value(Voting, Acquisition + Retention analysis, Business Value Estimation game)
  • Learn to identify expiry date for features based on cost of delay(uncertainty mental model) and order product product backlog based on value v/s cost.

Target Audience

Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Product Marketing Managers

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  • Karthik Kamal Balasubramaniam
    By Karthik Kamal Balasubramaniam  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Satisha,

    Do you have any limitation on the number of participants for this session? Your proposal says 480 mins, could you reconfirm please?