The challenges of retrofit, from mindsets to modular design

The cost and implications of change, is a significant deterrent for technology adoption. This is especially true among industries that are regulation heavy, have significant financial implications, impacts physical health or safety for people.
This talk addresses the challenge of changing mindsets, technology and software development processes to deploy business critical banking software to large financial institutions. The lending segment in India has witnessed a significant growth and this has forced banks and financial institutions to re-think their traditional models. At the core of this growth is adoption of new delivery channels such as mobile and SaaS and harnessing data to drive decision making. This has made new age lending technology vendors like us hard to ignore in the market of traditional banking software. 
The talk will address the full cycle to a changing market dynamic from the technology vendors viewpoint. The challenges of retrofitting new technology within an ecosystem of traditional banking software are numerous. This talk will address the software technology, licensing, regulatory and people aspects of deploying new wine in old bottles.
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Outline/structure of the Session

Artoo works in the domain of financial inclusion. This makes us run into a very traditional ecosystem of software we have to integrate with into large banks and financial institutions. 

As a company that has a product that takes the best of enterprise software and fuses it with big data underwriting, we run into several challenges of retrofitting this solution in to a domain where thought processes are very conservative and the apetite for risk very low. 

Despite this Artoo has been able to break into this domain with a combination of technology and non-tech approaches. This talk captures the several challenges and the methods used to overcome them. It also lists the open issues in this space. 

Learning Outcome

The learning outcome from this talk are the approaches to complement new big data analytics with traditional software systems which are largely seen as legacy. 

Target Audience

Agile practitioners, Engineering managers, developers

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