Collaboration between metrics is as much necessary as collaboration between Teams.

Vanity Metrics - Show how good we are at something

Information Metrics - Show true data but useless often at decision making

Diagnostics Metrics - Show data that supports decision making

Presentation would be more detail on Diagnostics Metrics which gives value to the organization which aids in taking decision.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

Begin with Interactive mode with following questions?

1. What are those metrics which drives the organization at different levels?

2. What are those metrics which drives the decision

3. What are those metrics which we follow, does it give value?

4. Talk about our experience of utilization of Diagnostics Metrics more details

5. Show few examples of those metrics and how that can be achieved based on tools and techniques 

Learning Outcome

1. After this talk audience would be able to take our experience to their enterprises and will be able to come up some valuable metrics enabling them to make better decisions.

Target Audience

Members from any hierarchy in an enterprise

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