#DoEstimates over #NoEstimates

#NoEstimates is fairly a controversial topic that is gaining momentum. This session is about debunking the myths of doing estimation, learn the top things that go wrong with making estimates. The title is the way it is to grab your attention. If it is not for the gaining popularity of #NoEstimates, I would have titled this session as "Estimation Anti-Patterns" and then guess what, you'd think you're doing it all right and that this session is not for you.
While I don't love to hate the choice of #NoEstimates, I'm deeply concerned with the way estimates are done at Ground-Zero and the then blaming #DoEstimates as a process for it all... and consequentially adopting #NoEstimates. While I don't intend to address this attitude to finding excuse or blaming, I'll be sharing my experiences of many a things that go wrong with #DoEstimates and what we can do about it.
By the end of this interactive session, we should have laughed enough at our own mistakes in the way we  did or facilitated #DoEstimates and have the key take aways of doing it the right way when we get back to our professional work.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

The tentative structure should be as below:

  • Intro and Ice Breaker
  • Quiz
  • Top #DoEstimates Anti-Pattern
  • Back to basics
  • Quick Poll
  • QnA


Learning Outcome

  • Understand the usual top things that go wrong with #DoEstimates
  • Have a genuine appreciation for #DoEstimates
  • Help make an informed decision to set aside #DoEstimates before espousing #NoEstimates
  • Essentially getting your basics right with regard to #DoEstimates

Target Audience

Agile Teams, Developer, QA, Agile Coach, Management

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