Agile has made a huge head way into the organisational buy­in for adopting it. More often than not, this buy­in has been the result of business competition and Agile being the hottest buzzword today. Now the reality bites hard, in the sense that more often than not a lot of things go wrong in many aspects of Agile adoption. This session is a talk with heavy interaction, questions, quizzes, and lot of learning in a brain friendly way.

In this session, Karthik intends to talk about the very many things that go wrong in companies that attempt to be or become Agile.

But fault­finding is the easiest thing. Can Karthik provide concrete solutions? Yo!, he intends to share the solutions as well for most if not all the problems.

The purpose of the talk is for the audience to reflect on their every­ day Agile experience back in their offices, help them laugh out their mistakes, carry lessons from the talk in light­hearted, brain­ friendly way, and most importantly apply the lessons learnt back in their workplaces.

I have spoken just about this same topic in many conferences in India, and also internationally in Asia and Australia. And I am delighted to say that this was very well received with good deal of applause every single time. It highlights the fact that the audience found it so damn relevant and easy on their brains to understand 'True Agility'


Outline/Structure of the Talk

The tentative structure of the session is likely as below, not necessarily in that order

  • Intro and Ice Breaker
  • List of most common Anti-Patterns
  • QnA

Learning Outcome

  • Learn common Agile Anti-Patterns
  • Learn to laugh at your mistakes
  • ProTips to get over some of the anti-patterns

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Team Members, Managers, Executive Management, Management

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