Agile: How People, Framework, and Tools Can Cultivate Change

The fast-paced, global world we all live in constantly demands we do more with less and do it faster. For many organizations, Agile is the answer. Agile is a philosophy - a way of thinking that extends to a way of doing - one that not only accepts but embraces change.

Join Lisa Shoop to discover how you can bring Agile and all of its goodness to life in your organization and teams. You'll learn a simple strategy for approaching organizational change and tactics to make it a reality. From those just starting out an organizational Agile journey to those who are well on their way, you'll walk away with new ideas and techniques on how to:

  • Build, sustain and nurture community
  • Develop and implement scalable training
  • Engage, interact and mentor with different teams
  • Measure progress

Through stories and data, she'll lead you through tactics and real-life examples of idea to implementation of an Agile transformation journey - and how it can all work for you.





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Outline/structure of the Session

Current Situation: She will acknowledge the current environment we all work in - a 24/7 loop with competing demands and fewer resources. Establish Agile as viable option for thriving in this environment, Suggest a way to bring an Agile transformation to life in an organization. Introduce the Agile triangle as a strategy with three fundamental layers:

  • Community
  • Training/Education
  • Teams

Illustrated through a real-life example, introduce ideas and tactics centered around these three pillars to bring (lasting) change to all levels of the organization -- top to bottom, bottom to top, and in between.  

Learning Outcome

Develop an understanding of an Agile community and how to foster it in an organization Discuss how to organize, establish and maintain an Agile Center of Excellence that nourishes the environment. Cover different ways to create and sustain communication and activities to engage an audience while bring learning, excitement and information sharing to the organization. Share ways to find and support your own enthusiasts and ambassadors to propel the movement forward.  

Target Audience

Leaders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Coaches, Team Members of QA, Dev, DevOps, BA, PM

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