Delivering High Quality Faster in an Agile Landscape

Today over 100 million users share over 40 billion messages per month on Hike. Its not just simple 1:1 chat messages. Users can do Video Call, VoIP call or share rich multi-media content in 8 different languages in group chats with hundreds of members. User can transfer large (upto 100 MB) file using Wifi-Direct .i.e. device to device file transfer without using Internet. And many more features. Consumer product companies, who build mobile applications are under constant pressure to deliver new experiences, faster with a lot of experimentation and analytics baked in. How do you support various features at differing maturity levels? How do you ensure that you can roll out a release every month without breaking any of these features?

"Experiment. Learn. Repeat."  is one of the core values of Hike as an organisation. We are very much obsessed with delivering user delight and we follow an experiment based model to gather user feedback for our rollouts. 

In this conversation, we would like to offer some insights to how engineering@Hike has been incorporating agile development philosophy in order to keep raising the quality bar and repeatedly deliver user delight.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

  • Nature of Hike as a product
  • Our quality journey since past one year
  • The Paradigm shift in our approach to Quality Engineering
  • The challenges we had while revamping the Test Strategy
  • Impact
  • The road ahead

Learning Outcome

  • Incorporating Agile development mindset for meeting the utmost quality standards
  • Benefits in moving from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering

Target Audience

Managers , Quality Analyst , Quality Evangelist , Architects

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