Dos and don'ts in a mature startup - interactive lessons of how to work with product discovery

As founders of a startup you normally have loads of challenges; what should the product really be?, will anyone ever use it? or even harder - pay for it, so we can keep doing this? One benefit that startups enjoy, however, is a lot of freedom. Sure, there might be an investor (or 10) for whom you produce reports, but in my experience, most startups don't have tons of stakeholders, legacy code that no-one dares to touch and process-heavy ways of working leading to over-slammed calendars. I'm of course exaggerating a bit, but joining Spotify after almost 10 years in the making and with 1600+ employees was in retrospect not onboarding the well-oiled, self-running, agile machine I expected. Instead, I found lots of hard-working, super skilled people trying to leverage best practices despite all the constraints and challenges of our reality. And with an ever-increasing growth that so far has taken us to more than 40M paying subscribers, something seems to be working.

This is an interactive talk about how to do, or sometimes not do, lean product discovery and how to make the best of whatever situation at hand. Starting with my experiences of Spotify, moving into group discussions of learnings from successes and flops, arriving at shared, tangible outcomes which the participants may add to their everyday lives.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Intro (25 min)
    • my background
    • Spotify in general
    • short about working in product @Sp
  • Discussion 1 (15 min)
    • Present background (theme failure)
    • Group discussions - Q: How do participants celebrate failures (aka learnings)?
    • Summarize results
  • Discussion 2 (15 min) (theme successful outcome)
    • Present background
    • Group discussions - Q: What do participants think is key in best practice for product discovery?
    • Summarize results
  • Discussion 3 (15 min)  (theme successful process)
    • Present background
    • Group discussions - Q: How do participants leverage good experiences to build momentum?
    • Summarize results
  • Outro (20 min)
    • Conclusions
    • Q&A

Learning Outcome

  • How to adapt lean product discovery to their situation

Target Audience

Anyone interested in the challenges of product development.

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