We know for a fact that multi-tasking slows us down both physically and mentally. Agile, Lean, Scrum and Kanban limit work in progress (WIP) on a team and organisational level but what about the personal space? What practices can we use as individuals to avoid multi-tasking and achieve flow?

This session will explain the research on and theory behind why multi-tasking is bad and through telling the story of Snapper, one of the coolest little Agile companies in Wellington, New Zealand, I will show how an entire organisation organically adapted Agile practices to extend from the organisational and team level to the personal and individual space.

I will demonstrate how personal Kanban works and how my colleagues and I are using it. I will show the personal Kanban boards that have popped up everywhere around the office and how everyone at Snapper and the organisation as a whole have benefitted from their use.

Come along and learn how personal Kanban can help you!



Outline/Structure of the Talk


Learning Outcome

Demonstrate to others why multi-tasking slows us down
- Explain the theory behind multi-tasking and context switching
- Explain how personal Kanban works
- Understand how Agile practices can be used on a personal and individual level
- Improve flow and daily work habits through personal Kanban
- Create their own personal Kanban boards


Target Audience

Anyone who'd like to be more productive in their work

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