30 people, one decision. How to let everyone participate in big meetings?

One product, but many people. Everyone is creative and has unique view on problems. Everyone is important. But how to let everyone participate and keep meetings’ duration at a reasonable level? How to make them productive instead of boring? How to aggregate opinions of such a big group?

From my experience two conditions needs to be met : good and well prepared facilitator.  At this presentation, I will explain what good facilitator knows and does at big meetings.  

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Outline/structure of the Session

List of techniques useful to prepare and organize large meetings, on examples.
1. What kind of decisions should not be made by large group - two stories about meetings where decision about new office were about to be made.
2. Preparation is crucial, how to prepare yourself and attendees. How room should look like, where facilitator should be, how to store outcome.
3. What to remember when working with couple of teams at once. Sad story of creating common DOD for organization and successful story for creating technical debt backlog with exactly the same group by using merge sorting algorithm.
5. Some more technics: World Coffee, open space, de bono hats, voting technics, white elephant...
6. How to make outcome significant. What to do with the results.

Learning Outcome

Techniques that make large meeting be effective, even when timebox is short. 

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Managers, Facilitators

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  • Jutta Eckstein
    By Jutta Eckstein  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Beata,

    it would be great if you could a bit more precise information about both the learning outcomes and the structure of the session. Right now both seem a bot vague. So e.g. what kind of techniques do you want to cover, what kinds of decision-making strategies, etc.?

    Thanks, Jutta

    • Beata Nowakowska
      By Beata Nowakowska  ~  1 year ago
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      I've updated structure of the session.

  • Beata Nowakowska
    By Beata Nowakowska  ~  1 year ago
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    OK. You can take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqLJepcG40c :)


  • Vivek Ganesan
    By Vivek Ganesan  ~  1 year ago
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    Thanks for the submission, Beata!

    Please add slides (even from past presentations) or video (even a 2 mins trailer of your session recorded on your phone) so that the program team can get an idea of your presentation style.

    Thank you.