Does software testing need to be this way? Tools, approaches and techniques to test more effectively

Software development teams recognise testing is relevant and important. Testers want to add value and do purposeful and meaningful work, however software automation is encroaching and in some cases obviating much of the hand-crafted tests - including some of the 'automated tests' created by teams. As Nicholas Carr says in his book The Glass Cage: "Who needs humans anyway?"

And yet, humans - people - have much to contribute to crafting excellent software, including testing the software. This presentation investigates:

  • leading automation techniques to understand more of what they can offer us in terms of testing our software.
  • how structured testing techniques can help all testers including "exploratory testers"
  • where analytics can help
  • tools, approaches and techniques to help test more effectively

Outline/structure of the Session

Here is the current outline. This is likely to be refined as I prepare, revise and update my work in this aream

Setting the direction of what we want to achieve: our choice affects the rest of our decisions.

Man vs machine: what automation is already able to do. How, perhaps paradoxically, automation can limit what we can do and may reduce our competence - can we find ways to use automation that doesn't reduce our abilities?

The powerful combination of data mining, common factors and test automation to help find commonplace bugs.

On exploratory testing.

Guiding testing using data & analytics.

Roles for humans: people can add discernment.

Learning from medicine.

Next steps.


Learning Outcome

A better understanding of the power and potential of software automation and how it eats into the current 'value' of testing performed by humans. Ways to harness software automation and to change our practices so our work continues to add significant value.

Target Audience

People involved in designing, developing, testing and supporting software


Participants are encouraged to consider how they test software currently, investigate ways innovating software automation might improve their test results and remove the need to continue with some of their current testing practices.

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