Technical Debt has become a catch-all phrase for any code that needs to be re-worked. Much like Refactoring has become a catch-all phrase for any activity that involves changing code. These fundamental misunderstandings and comfortable yet mis-applied metaphors have resulted in a plethora of poor decisions. What is technical debt? What is not technical debt? Why should we care? What is the cost of misunderstanding? What do we do about it? Doc discusses the origins of the metaphor, what it means today, and how we properly identify and manage technical debt.


Outline/structure of the Session

7 min - Technical Debt Origins & History
8 min - Technical Debt in Other Fields
5 min - Technical Debt Quadrant explored
10 min - Cruft or Debt Game
10 min - Strategies for dealing with debt

Learning Outcome

  • History of the Technical Debt Metaphor
  • Challenges with the current common understanding
  • Why what you call “debt” is probably better described as “cruft”
  • How to manage cruft (debt)

Target Audience

Developers and anyone impacted by Technical Debt on Projects

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