Keeping pace with a high-velocity business – Cultural and Agile Transformation

This session talk about how to keep pace with a high-velocity business. Projects and Businesses are moving fast and how to make a Cultural and Agile Transformation to help this journey

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • The established world of Retail is a seeing a massive shift in technology and is in a rapidly evolving world – supporting internal structures need to transform to help support the business.
  • The Top-Down & Bottom-Up approach to spread the DevOps culture
  • Cultural shift in technology
  • How CI helps technology and how CD helps business
  • Defining the maturity model and helping start the journey

Learning Outcome

Understand how to apply the science of agility in rapidly changing retail / ecommerce industry

Apply these to any industry in general and head towards better value to market

Target Audience

Everyone who is keen on a business transformation

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