Agile Transformations: Mantras for a better Journey

Everywhere we here about start of agile transformations, have we ever heard of any organisation finishing it? There are various factors which makes it a journey, more than a destination, and a journey never stops. How small things creates big impacts in this journey and how we  can make this journey smoother, will discuss this and create some discussion points amongst people attending it

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Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

4 mins - Timeframe of Agile Transformations

5 mins - Smart working premises

3 mins - People needs to be agile in an organisation

5 mins - Dilemma of Physical boards and digital boards

5 mins - Organisational Structure

5 mins - Intense hierarchy and Proxy Roles

3 mins - Mindset or Skills?

5 mins - Half cooked processes

5 mins - A working mantra to win people during this journey

5 mins - Q & A

Learning Outcome

How working premises creates a difference?

Who needs to be agile in an organisation?

Physical board or Digital board? A probable solution for this problem

How organisational structure screw things sometimes?

How intense Hierarchy and Proxy Roles ruin culture?

Mindset or Skills, what matters more?

Half Cooked processes, why they are dangerous?

Different ways of winning people, some works better



Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Team Members, Project Managers, Change Agents

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