While competing with some of top product engineering companies in the world, if you had to build a consumer product, which was used by 100+ million users, how would you ensure you were investing in the right features, that will be cherished by your users?

Like every other startup, we had limited time & resources, and survival was at stake with every product decision. In such a high-pressure environment how do you:

  • Structure your organisation for rapid user value generation?
  • Create a data-driven, experimentation culture?
  • Get user feedback in a constructive, sustainable manner?
  • Drive Engineering Excellence?
  • Bring predictable innovation?
  • And build a great user experience?

If these challenges ring a bell, then this keynote is for you. Come experience the story of a young start-up's transformation.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

What did we do to achieve the following:

  • Consumer First Thinking
  • Autonomy and Alignment (within the organisation)
  • De-risk ourselves

Learning Outcome

  • How to build a Product Discovery Culture
  • Benefits of Dual-Track Agile
  • Typical challenges during such transformation

Target Audience

Anyone interested in building products that matter!

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