Lean Startup is changing the way new products are built and When used effectively, you can create better products faster, without wasting any time, money or talent building products that won’t succeed in the market.


This hands-on Lean Startup workshop will give practical tools and techniques for applying lean startup and customer development to your Product.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Session 1 – What is a Lean Startup?

  • Traditional way of building a product/idea
  • What is wrong with traditional way of building products
  • What is a Lean Startup?

Session 2 – Visualize your startup

  • What is a business model and how to create a business model
  • Teams build business model for their ideas
  • Identify risks and narrow it down to the most critical one
  • Teams form a testable hypothesis
  • Setting up experiments by Avoiding Bias
  • Customer development techniques
  • How to design an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • How to master Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop and apply across your startup

Session 3 – Test, Learn, Decide

  • How to gain customer insights
  • How to talk to customers and understand their wants and needs
  • Run experiments and take informed decisions
  • Get out of the building and talk to real customers
  • How to take informed decision from the data and not from the gut feeling

Learning Outcome

Upon leaving the workshop you will be able to apply the validated approach of creating ideas/products to any of the new or existing products

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, product manager, consultant, business analysis, product owner, agile projector manager or working in cross-functional teams this workshop is for you

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