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In today's business environment, the user experience and the commercial imperatives have become overwhelmingly important. As testers, it is vital that we understand quality in use and the user experience, in order that we focus our tests correctly.

"Quality in Use" measures human, business, and societal impacts of products (usability, accessibility, flexibility, commercial, safety). This builds to a User Experience (UX) and are underpinned by technical and engineering qualities. For the people selling, supporting, or using the products, this is the beating heart of the customer experience. Without these "big picture" attributes, delivered software will not be acceptable, may result in reduced profits, and may not be legal. In the tutorial, Isabel will use examples from real projects to discuss how to design tests derived from the user personas, contexts of use, and acceptance criteria.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Define who your customers are and what is important to them – personas, contexts, and desires
  • A method to understand and test how customers experience your product by thinking about the quality layers of user experience, quality in use and internal quality
  • Define acceptance criteria that match to the quality in use for your customers.

Learning Outcome

  • To distinguish the layers of quality that must be designed and built into products, and tested;
  • How to understand and meet the context of use for each customer persona, from the internal quality through quality in use, to the user experience;
  • How to focus testing on customers, end users and the business;
  • How to select attributes from each layer of the user experience pyramid to track and measure during testing;
  • How to agree acceptance criteria for testing internal quality, quality in use and the user experience.

Target Audience

Testers, Automation Engineers, Test Managers

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