Business Agility with SAFe Adoption

How to handle cost cutting and less R&D spending in today's scenarios without losing customer focus? Most of the telecom industries facing disruption at large due to 4G/5G/IoT/Digital momentum. Let me share some ways to handle this effectively by adopting SAFe way of working. SAFe increases team productivity with maturity, reduce time to market and increasing chance to lead again. Let's discuss and share our day to day learning.

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Outline/structure of the Session

- Business blockers and technology disruption (10 min)

- Overview on SAFe transformation (10 min)

- How SAFe will improve way of working? (10 min)

- Q&A (15 min)

Learning Outcome

  • How to deliver business value?
  • How to improve team productivity?
  • Use good KPI to drive overall team outcome.
  • How to ensure value chain matured and way ahead with nearest competitor?
  • Major bottleneck during Agile transformation pr- ocess

Target Audience

Business Agilist, Agile Coach, PM, PgM, SM and PO


Session will be very useful for all participants whoever is looking for some change in way of working and they are actively participating in Agile transformation programme. Many of these friends are looking for live example of transformation experience from us and also few might be looking possible solutions for their real time challenges.

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