Damn... we missed the date again!

Over the years, with all our experience and skills, one thing has remained constant - we just can't seem to hit out deadlines! Why is this the case?

I deep dive to help explain why this would continue to be the case, unless we learn to ask the right questions and then change the way to execute to deliver to the expected deeadline. I explain how Lean thinking gives us a solid mathematical basis to understand how Cycle Time forecasting works and what we need to do improve our probability of success - not based on subjective assessment but based on actual Cycle Time distribution data.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Defining the Problem

2. Explaining why it happens

3. Understanding Distributions

4. The Solution

4.1 Asking the right question

4.2 Different approaches to address the problem

4.3 Understanding Cost of Delay; how to use Cost of Delay in our planning

5. Conclusions

Learning Outcome

1. Learn to ask the right question

2. Learn to set management expectations on schedule

3. Learn to deliver to that expectation

Target Audience

Anyone who need to plan and deliver a commitment!


An open mind!

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