DevOps is much more than a buzzword. It can provide organizations the leading edge in today's competitive market. This experience sharing session is aimed at espousing what works to achieve DevOps maturity. It would share empirical data backing up the practices to adopt and those to avoid. The session will focus on changes that are necessary to rapidly build, deploy and maintain systems with high performance and availability.

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Outline/structure of the Session

The outline of the session would be as follows

1. Take a quick online survey, as to what the participants feel is the biggest blocker to DevOps success.(If wifi or internet access is not available this step can be skipped. This step will help make the session more interactive, however it is not mandatory to the session itself)

2. Share a short synopsis of the state of the projects before the initiation of the DevOps Transformation Journey at Shell

3. Share highlights of the journey so far with empirical data, what worked, what did not work, what actions were taken proactively

4. Share DevOps metrics which were helpful to track progress

5. Conduct a closing survey

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways from this session

1. How to prioritize DevOps adoption initiatives

2. Metrics which will be helpful in monitoring the outcome of the journey

3. Practices to adopt and Practices to avoid

4. Cultural changes to facilitate the transformation

Target Audience

Anyone including decision makers wanting to start or on the DevOps journey


Participants should be aware of basic Agile concepts and practices

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