Gone are the days when performance engineering for systems and software was done as an afterthought, or after the first performance related escalation from a customer was received. Today, performance is embedded right from design to every stage of the implementation and verification. Sufficient advancements have been incorporated to left-shift identification of potential performance issues and address them as soon as possible. However, performance engineering teams still work isolated from most other teams in the development and research labs.

Given that the performance engineering teams hold the mantle for a successful release and a go-to market strategy in many cases, they become crucial squad members in addition to representatives from other engineering teams as well as from the marketing and offering management teams.

In this session, I will go through a case study of the transformation that I personally led in the Systems performance engineering organisation within IBM. Detailing the structure that existed and the challenges that were posed during the journey of adopting a scaling agile approach for performance engineering, I will cover the synergy that was achieved as well as points for any team that is interested in adopting this approach for their traditionally structured teams.

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Outline/structure of the Session

1. Overview of Performance Engineering at a Systems level

2. Challenges faced by the earlier structure

3. Brief overview of the Scaling Agile principles that were used in the restructuring

4. Overview of the team after restructuring

5. Benefits and evolving structure details

Learning Outcome

1.An understanding of Scaling Agile principles and leadership style needed to function effectively.

2. Understand the methodology used to employ scaling agile in a traditionally structured team, so that it can be employed in similar scenarios.

Target Audience

Performance test leads, test architects, test managers, squad leads

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