Why your company will most probably not become Agile?

You have tried Scrum, Kanban, XP, Crystal and other even less known frameworks and methods that claim to help you to become Agile. You have applied them pure, you have tried to tweak them, and even you have made some homemade cocktails out of them. So yet you still can't say your company is Agile. Your Cxx-s are willing to change the company, and themselves. Your employees on all levels genuinely want to step into the Agile journey. Yet there is nearly no progress toward a real organizational agility.

What is the secret? Why is it so hard? Why there are so many crashes on this way in our industry? Why most of the companies will still fail to become Agile, and yours will most probably too.

I'm going to answer all these questions during this talk. We will figure out what aspects of a large-scale agile transformation have a mission-critical impact and how they influence each other. Where to put your efforts? How to cut corners? And moreover, how to survive on this journey.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • large-scale agile transformation failure ratio
  • most terrifying experiments in psychology
  • behavioral impact of social systems on human attitude
  • car industry case study on a dramatic behavioral change
  • culture follows structure
  • typical large-scale agile transformation journey
  • what really happens?
  • duality crisis
  • how systems eat each other and who wins?
  • what to do?
  • simple criteria of a good organizational agile framework
  • secret ingredient

Learning Outcome

  • any organization is a complex system
  • if you want to change a social system you should know how social systems work from a psychology perspective
  • how to help certain systems to beat other systems?
  • what changes are crucial for a successful large-scale agile transformation?

Target Audience

Cxx, top managers, agile coaches

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