Designing for Change Management

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New technologies are driving a revolution in customer expectations, fueling a wave of competition which threatens the very existence of businesses with aging structures, processes and cultures. Many companies are turning to methodologies like agile, big data and design to not only drive innovation but to attempt profound internal organizational change.

This is the story of how design is helping transform BBVA — one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most traditional banks. At BBVA, design is not only creating more innovative products and services for customers, it is reshaping the organization and culture into a more customer-centric, collaborative and innovation-friendly entity.

Because the story is still being written, this is not yet a case study but rather a report from the field and an invitation to the conversation. We will explore the changing role of design vis-a-vis business and technology, where design should live in our organizations, how to get the most impact out of design and how to grow an internal design culture — not just in the Design Department — but throughout the entire organization.

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Target Audience

Developers hoping to learn more about designing for your organization.

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