Agile has become boring and its good!

Agile transformation used to be a buzz word , six or seven years back in IT with only selected, elite groups doing it. But with agile explosion, having a daily scrum meeting has become common place with least expected groups like executive C-suite doing agile. How is this possible? This is mainly due to wide variety of options available in agile and obvious benefit from getting faster feedback.

Take any team with a pain point, you can offer options like Scrum, KANBAN, Lean- agile, Scaled agile, DevOps, Scrum ban and lot more.

How it helps your organization? For an organization to be truly agile, all functions need to be agile, not only your software development teams.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Setting the context, how software Industry has progressed in doing Agile.

Wide variety of Agile techniques available and basic principle of Flow and faster feedback behind the techniques

Why agile should be used across the organization

Application of Agile in real life situation including management, development, testing and services.

Incorporating collaborative approach, transparency, faster communication and servant leadership - examples

Learning Outcome

Possibility of applying Agile to every day work personally and professionally for everyone

Learning mindset and happiness at work

Target Audience

Those who are implementing Agile in the organization


Experience in working in Agile teams. Basic knowledge of Agile principles

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