Business Agility with Agile Intelligence in AIOps

Coined by Gartner, AIOps platforms leverage big data and machine learning to support IT functions. At higher level, analogies to DevOps it is continuous integration and continuous deployment applied to IT core functions.

In this disruptive world to meet the exponential demands of pure business value, it is crucial that enterprises reduce cost and effort on IT Infrastructure and Operations, spend more time on innovation with humans solving new problems.

In this talk, the primary goal is to increase the awareness of AIOps and its benefits for IT Operations. It introduces the breath of capabilities expected for AIOps Platform and needs to be built from various vendor tools. AIOps Platform can be leveraged to disrupt existing IT Support models. Agile Machine Learning bots can be applied to lean agile practices across development and IT operations functions.

The talk showcases how Cognizant’s OneAgility Platform can assist organizations in AIOps transformation journey supporting key IT functions such as continuous monitoring, continuous visibility and continuous operations.

Key Issues/Outline:

  • As I&O leader, how do I process and extract comprehensive insights from real time and historical data entering my organization from multiple sources?
  • How do I apply machine learning to have machines solve known problems and human solve new problems?
  • How can I automatically detect anomalies and automatically respond with recommended remedies from growing database build on pattern recognition and analytics?
  • How can I reduce mean time to resolutions using machine learning applied to Lean Agile practices across development and operations value streams?
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Outline/structure of the Session

Information for Program Team

The talk would take roughly around 45 minutes. With 5 minutes of Q & A.

In terms of outline for the presentation will be as follows:

  1. Key Macro Trends and need for AIOps - 5 min
  2. AIOps Platform capabilities and Benefits - 10 min
  3. New Agile Roles, MLBots, AIOps Platform could disrupt IT Support Model – 15 min
  4. AIOps Platform with key capabilities in action using Cognizant’s OneAgility Platform – 10 min
  5. Questions and Answers – 5 min

Learning Outcome

Key takeaways for the audience are as follows:

  1. Understand the key macro trends driving the need of AIOps Platform for business agility
  2. Understand how machine learning based BOTs be applied to reduce cost and lead time across lean agile practices at IT service desk and operations
  3. How AIOps Platforms can be used to augment the IT Support L1/L2/L3 Models
  4. Understand how Cognizant’s OneAgility Platform caters to key capabilities needs of AIOps Platform

Target Audience

I&O Leaders, IT Operations Executives, Engineering Teams, Full Stack Developers, Quality Engineers, Portfolio and Program Managers, Product Managers, Enterprise and Portfolio Architects, System and Solution Architects, IT Transformation Change Leads

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