As an Agile Coach I need to find a way to help people practice the concepts I'm teaching in a way that makes it relevant and easy to understand and apply so they can start using those concepts immediately in their daily work.

I created a game to help illustrate the reasons to work so closely with our customer/product owner and team. It's essentially a planning session where the team is working on something they are all familiar with and all consume.

I called it "Let's Make a Meal" because I am nothing if not a child of American culture; there once was a television game show called "Let's Make a Deal".

Bad puns aside, the game is actually fun and quite good at helping people practice multiple Agile concepts. But don't just take my word for it! Come learn how to play it so you can share it with your teams and/or clients.

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Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Attendees learn by doing; they'll work together to plan an event which includes food. Cards with food names written on them are provided along with other materials: sharpies, post its, pens, and blank paper.

  • Divide group into teams and select a Product Owner and Scrum Master
  • The Product Owner decides on a vision
  • The team discusses and decides the Definition of Done
  • The team and the Product Owner write stories and acceptance criteria
  • Then the team estimates each item with story points
  • The Scrum Master keeps everyone on track for time; ensuring they keep the game outcome in mind--each team should have:
    • an event description; artwork/posters are optional
    • a menu
    • stories complete with acceptance criteria
    • the definition of done
    • total story points and estimated duration
  • When all are done each team reads the event description, menu, definition of done, and totals to other teams

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn how to facilitate the game to help their students/team mates understand the value of story writing, grooming and planning sessions, as well as estimating. They'll also learn how to tie in the value of discussion to come to an understanding of what we're doing, when, why and how.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in helping people understand the value in story writing and planning sessions.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should have a basic understanding of Scrum concepts of writing stories, grooming, planning, and estimating.

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