Software 4.0: Framework for Building ‘NextGen’ Systems

Unprecedented growth in technology has created new generation ‘born-in-the-cloud’ business models. Such business model has impacted organizations to build software driven businesses or be in the business of software. These business models have helped newly formed organizations to catch-up with, and often catapulted past, brick & mortar organizations in less than a decade. ‘Born-in-cloud’ business models are built on NextGen systems. They have helped the organizations to deliver outstanding value through a culture of innovation & speed. Their success comes not only from technology but also collaboration throughout an organization.

NextGen systems are mass personalized, massively distributed, always on and self-adapting system of systems and have broken the boundary between physical and cyber world. They have helped organizations to generate 5x-10x more value for their stakeholders compared to the peers in the same industry.

So, how does one discover, design and deliver NextGen system which can launch the organization to next orbit of performance excellence?

NextGen systems are created by different set of principles. In order to create next generation system organization must imbibe following principles –

  • Personalization for continuous value
  • Iterative & incremental by design
  • Autonomy & interdependence
  • Continuous optimization & automation

Software 4.0 enables creation of NextGen system. It is an integrated framework orchestrates right set of capabilities among people, process and technology to build next-gen system. It enables to change mind-set & build competencies of people, establish right methodologies for innovation & speed and deploy apt tools & technologies to develop capabilities in sustainable way. Software 4.0 create nexus of following methodologies / initiatives –

  • Business Model Canvas for value promise:
  • Design thinking :
  • Hackathon
  • Modular Architecture
  • Agile-at-scale
  • CLM platform & Continuous Engineering
  • Machine Learning

Software 4.0 ensures NextGen systems are built in iterative, incremental, self-learning and cost-effective manner with superior quality and optimized time-to-value.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will help participants to appreciate & develop capabilities for innovation and speed in an enterprise by people, process, technology and data.

03 Min : Introduction to ‘Born-in-Cloud’ Business Model & NextGen System

During this part of session, we will create the awareness about growth of ‘born-in-cloud’ business model and role of NexGen system to create sustainable business models. It will bring challenges of building cyber-physical system.

04 Min : Principles of Software 4.0

Innovation and speed have emerged as competitive advantage in different era. This section will draw attention to key principles that are fundamental to innovation and speed.

04 Min : Overview of Software 4.0 & nexus of components

This part covers core idea of presentation. It shares limitation of individual framework to create innovation and speed and emphasize the need for nexus of components. It shows how to alignment among different framework which were created across the years and interdependencies among them.

07 Min : Design Thinking and Hackathons

This section highlights how to create ‘experience by design’ in an iterative & incremental manner

07 Min : Modular Architecture

This section covers principles & practices for modular architecture. It emphasizes the need for micro-services based multi-layered architecture.

07 Min : Agile-at-scale & Continuous Engineering

This section covers implementing agile-at-scale in a multi-geography, large and complex teams enabled thru collaborative life-cycle management platforms. Such platform can be created by integrating various open sources / proprietary tools

05 Min : Machine Learning

This section covers the role of machine learning in creating self-learning systems and self-optimizing framework

08Min : Case-study / Question / Clarification / Feedback

As part of this section we will share case-study and address questions & clarification.

Learning Outcome

Establish structured framework to build NextGen system

Design and build enterprise capability for innovation and speed

Demonstrate how to align and integrate diverse methods like design thinking, hackathon, modular architecture, continuous engineering and machine learning

Understand how does NextGen systems propel Digital Transformation

Target Audience

CIOs, IT Function Heads, Program Managers, Agile Coaches, Innovation Evangelist

Prerequisites for Attendees

Mind-set & methodology for Design Thinking

First-hand experience of hackathon

Basic understanding of services oriented architecture

Agile implementation for multi-geography program

Fundamentals of DevOps

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  • Archana Joshi
    By Archana Joshi  ~  1 year ago
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    This is a good topic Haresh and Abhay. As suggested by the other reviewer if you can structure your talk around case study that would be compelling and engaging for the audience. You can start with the case study background, then weave in the and end with the benefits.

    • Business Model Canvas for value promise:
    • Design thinking :
    • Hackathon
    • Modular Architecture
    • Agile-at-scale
    • CLM platform & Continuous Engineering
    • Machine Learning


  • Ravi Kumar
    By Ravi Kumar  ~  1 year ago
    reply Reply

    Hi Haresh/Abhay,

    Thanks for the proposal. 

    Can this be converted into a case study with some customer insights on how the framework was used and benefited them. I think it will be even more compelling if you can co-present the case study with one of your customers. What do you guys think?