Mixing teams for a common goal, does it really work?

A common challenge companies are facing is how to increase their market sharing creating amazing customer experience.

The fulfillment of these expectation is more and more often linked to the role of workspace organization and company culture, two aspects widely underestimate of the daily routine.

In this talk Matteo will share his experience in the industry putting the focus on team collaboration, transparent communication and leadership approach in decision-making.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Matteo will share his experience in the Tech world putting the emphasis on the cultural changes any organization might face once embracing a DevOps culture, such as:

- reshape the role of the manager

- redefine the management structure

- rethink the working environment.

Learning Outcome

- Importance of embracing a new company culture, more aligned with DevOps principles.

- Matrix Management VS Functionally-separated organizations

- Shape and features of cross-functional teams

Target Audience

Engineers, Product Managers, Program Managers

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  • Leena S N
    By Leena S N  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Matteo,

    It is not clear from the proposal how your story is different from any organisation's DevOps journey. Can you update it for the same?