Building Blocks for Agile Transformation in Digital World

Today's enterprises operate in highly complex and uncertain digital environment and Agile adoption is highly challenging in such large organizations.

While the context for each Agile transformation is different and there are several scaling models readily available, the components of the Agile implementation road map which ensure outcome are of universal nature.

This session will cover model for building the roadmap and the activities to be carried out by Agile leaders and Agile Coaches for successful Agile implementation at scale.The model covers why to? How to? What to? When to? and Duration? for each component on the roadmap. The model will lay foundation for crafting the Agile implementation strategy and also to write the Agile implementation business case. The model is based on my practical experience of large scale Agile implementations.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Challenges with large scale Agile implementation

Scaling methods and approaches

Agile organization design

Agile Adoption Approach

Baseline organization functions and practices

Implementation steps

Learning Outcome

Understand building blocks for Agile Transformation.

Workout Agile implementation plan.

Write business case for Enterprise Agile implementation.

Target Audience

Senior leaders, Agile coaches, Managers, Scrum Masters, Agile practitioners etc


Participants should have some basic knowledge of Agile implementation.

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