Step towards a “one team” culture - Experiences from The Telegraph

Learn about creating a one team culture for your organisation.

Infoshare” is an initiative at The Telegraph, which has created a shift towards a learning 'one-team' culture within the organisation in a short period of time. Infoshare is a weekly information sharing forum with simple rules, connecting teams and departments across the enterprise. Anyone can speak and all can attend.

I share how I created Infoshare and ways of making such a forum a success. Suitable for any size of business or organisation. Enables Business Agility.

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Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Start with a short 3-question survey smart-phone-based audience-poll.

Share insights from Infoshare.


Learning Outcome

Ideas provided to create a learning one-team culture that promotes Business Agility.

Target Audience

Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Senior Leaders, anyone interested in Business Agility

Prerequisites for Attendees

No material pre-requisites, just an open mind to create a one-team culture!

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