The Storm Before the Story ...

"What is the requirement?" As a product development professional, how many times have we asked this question? As a product owner, how many times have we answered this question? What has been the answer received or provided? A user story? A UX mock-up or a wire-frame? A detailed functional requirement spec? If our answer is any of the above, perhaps we've skipped over an important first step. Exploring the problem in-depth that the product is trying to solve. As someone rightly said, "Your customers don't care about your solution; they just care about their problems". The moment we skip the problem exploration step and jump into an epic, story or mock-ups, we are jumping right into that "ONE" solution which roughly has equal chance of success as winning a New York State Lottery. We miss out on n number of better innovative alternatives that can be built and shipped faster and can prove delightful to our end users.

So, what exactly is problem exploration? In short, it is the mindset to establish a clear understanding of the typical target customer and their underserved needs; the storming stage to discuss and ideate on the value propositions before moving over to solutioning stage such as feature descriptions and user experience designs . The more timeshare allocated to problem exploration pie compared to the solutioning pie always produces the products that win the market.

You'll learn the techniques of problem exploration step through real-world experiences giving you the edge to transform your design innovation landscape.

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Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Step 0 of your agile process is not a story
  • Problem Exploration Vs Solutioning
  • Where am I? knowing what stage you are in.
  • Problem Exploration Techniques
  • Target Customer Profiling
  • Classification of User Needs
  • Importance vs Satisfaction Gap
  • Kano Model
  • Create MVP Backlog
  • Cost of skipping Step 0

Learning Outcome

Develop Problem Exploration mindset within in your agile engineering org to build the right (product-market fit) and delightful (that your end users love) product, faster.

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Executives, Startups

Prerequisites for Attendees

Agile fundamentals

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