How do we figure experiences and happiness factor of users who use your product? Are the users happy with the current release in production or are they facing issues/problems with the various different functionalities you offer? Are they suggesting/requesting some more features that would solve their use-case? Sentiment Analyzer is an answer to all these questions.

Sentiment Analyser can be used to automatically by anyone to analyse the sentiments (positive, negative and neutral) of users based on the reviews / feedback they write on various platforms. We can categorise sentiments based on the functionalities that our product supports. We can understand in-depth what the users like, dislike and want. We can take actions based on the report to greatly improve impacted areas and our product. And, we can do all this without even having to contact the user directly!

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Understanding problem statement
  • Understanding how Sentiment Analyser can help figure answers to various questions like happiness factor of users, issues they face, etc.
  • Demo of the product

Learning Outcome

  • Understanding value of customer feedback
  • Learning to classify and make sense of the feedback using Sentiment Analyser
  • Using reports from Sentiment Analyser to improve their products

Target Audience

Any person who is interested in making their product better by understanding customer reviews / feedback better.



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  • Ravi Kumar
    By Ravi Kumar  ~  9 months ago
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    Hi Lavanya/Rohit,

    Topic name and the product sounds interesting. I'm guessing that Sentiment Analyser is a  utility or product similar to the one here. Please correct if I'm wrong.

    What will be interesting is if you can share specifics on 

    • the insights from the product that shaped the course of product that was being developed
    • challenges if any in setting up or activating the utility (Sentiment Analyser) to gather insights for a meaningful report.

    Also, can you please update the proposal with links to videos of past presentations and any links on the current topic or a draft version with the report from the product.



    • Rohit Singhal
      By Rohit Singhal  ~  9 months ago
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      Hello Ravi,

      Thanks for your reply.

      Sentiment Analyser is a utility which uses sentiment analysis process to generate valuable data which gives us insights to improve quality of the mobile application. 

      1. The insights from the product that shaped the course of product that was being developed

       -- For our mobile application, we used to gather data/feedback of customers from Play Store manually. So, we decided to automate this whole journey and produce some insightful data to focus on the areas of improvement and understanding our customer needs better. 

      2. Challenges if any in setting up or activating the utility (Sentiment Analyser) to gather insights for a meaningful report.

      -- We had multiple challenges while creating this utility and some of them are listed below:

             a. How to fetch feedback from Play Store for our mobile application for a particular date.

            b. Analysing all the feedback and segregating it based on the sentiment of the user's feedback/comment (feedback can be positive, negative or neutral)

            c. Classifying and segregating feedback based on features/functionalities of our mobile application.

            d. Integrating this complete process and running it daily on CI to generate meaningful reports.

            e. Figuring out the language for the feedbacks as our mobile application is used in multiple regions. -- This is in progress. 

      As we have just completed this utility so we don't have any past presentations for the same and hopefully this will be our first platform to share our journey :-). We are sharing Github link where you can see an example of the report generated.



      • Ravi Kumar
        By Ravi Kumar  ~  9 months ago
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        Hi Rohit,

        Thanks for the details. Sounds interesting.

        The proposal is incomplete without a video link. Would you guys mind sharing a short video (5-10 min) link presenting on this topic or any other. This can be for an audience in your company/group.




        • Lavanya Mohan
          By Lavanya Mohan  ~  9 months ago
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          Hi Ravi,

          Thank you for your reply.

          Rohit and I have not presented a talk on Sentiment Analyzer before. So, I am sharing with you a link from one of my previous presentations (with Sailee) back in 2013 on SQL and NoSQL Injection

          If you want us to share a video on this current topic, please give us a few more days and we will record and share the session that we will be conducting in office soon.


          • Prasad
            By Prasad  ~  9 months ago
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            Hi Lavanya, 

            Thanks for the additional inputs.. Did you have any opportunity to present this topic inside / outside of your company before, any slide deck / slide share link will be useful