Innovation Never Starts with an Idea

Most often people think that when anyone has an idea, they innovate. But why is that you have people around you who have lots of idea but never get them into "existence".

The reason is that it's not with an idea that Innovation starts.

Its easier to discuss challenges to get the ideas from concept to cash. But there finer human behavioral elements when we talk about innovation and this session tries to address fundamentals of how innovations starts.

This session is mainly about the myth that "Innovation starts with an idea" backed up by research of centuries

This session had got a round of applause and appreciation in APGI 2016 conference

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Outline/structure of the Session

This session is a myth breaking session about innovation based on research.

1. Creativity and Innovation : 5 mins

2. Research about how innovation starts : 10 mins

3. How we can create "innovative" environment in Agile context : 8 -10 mins

4. My own examples when we innovated as a "team" : 5 mins

5. Roadmap to innovation : 5 mins

6. Example exercises to think differently : 4 mins

7. Marriage and divorce of Agility and Innovation

Learning Outcome

1. Understand the process of innovation

2. Learn about cultivating innovative culture

3. Some exercises that can be used to make the team think differently

Target Audience

Everyone :-)



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