Rethink Quality Assurance to support our business

In a fast-paced world were businesses try to handle the changes, we as QA professionals need to step in. We must embrace the changes and rethink our best QA practices to support our business. If we do not succeed, our business might go out of business!

I will deep dive into the Agile journey for Bankdata / 7N, and how the organization transformed from old to agile in 2 years. What issues we have faced with the quality and how we handled these issues. We, as organization, are not finished rethinking quality but we are moving in the right direction.

After the talk you will have insight into QA issues when transforming to agile and how we rethought our Quality Assurance to support the business.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Welcome - 2 min
  • Intro to speaker and Bankdata / 7N - 3 min
  • The Agile Journey for Bankdata / 7N - 10 min
  • Quality problems we faced - 10 min
  • How we rethought our Quality Assurance 10 min
  • Summary - 2 min
  • Questions - 8 min

Learning Outcome

After the talk people will have insight on the agile journey for Bankdata and the issues the company faced during the journey. The audience will afterwards have an idea on how to support the business when you rethink quality assurance.

Target Audience

Testers and Test Manager

Prerequisites for Attendees


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