Agile and Millennials - A marriage or a live in relationship

Millennials are at a point of entering the workforce of the. This session aims to explore how they will Agile and Millennials embrace, adjust and emerge as a natural fit for each other or otherwise.

As we advance further into the 21st century agile is the methodology of choice in IT ( HW and SW) industry as it ensures delivering value to customers faster. Millennials are entering the workforce and soon will reach the cusp of becoming the majority of workforce across industries. The values and ethos of millennials are much different from Gen X or Baby boomers who developed and embraced agile methodology at the turn of the millennium. This paper focuses on establishing a connect between the agile and millennial values, ethos and approach to explore how they look at each other and blend to transform the workplace of tomorrow and there is it a therefore a perfect marriage or a live in relationship ?

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Outline/structure of the Session

1) Introduction: Context Setting and establish key takeaways (5 mins)
2) Overview and insights into outlook , expectation from workplace and the transformation ( if at all ) it needs to undergo
3) Connecting the two and establishing a venn(5 mins)
4) Sharing Your Learning (5 mins)
5) Closing summary and QnA (10 mins)

Learning Outcome

  • Gain an overview of Millennials outlook and expectation from workplace
  • How agile emerges as the methodology of choice for Millennials and they embrace the same

  • How do we evolve our workplace and organization to embrace the entry of generation thats going to carry the torch ahead.

Target Audience

Leadership, Executives, SM, PO and team members



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