Security and Acceptance - Two bottlenecks of DevOps

The core tenets of DevOps are to look at bottlenecks and remove those to achieve faster release frequency and improved quality. When looking at areas causing bottlenecks, Security and Acceptance Testing soon come across as constraints needing attention. Then debate starts if security needs of competitive business environment is actually slowing down the DevOps effectiveness? Can both go hand in hand or needs to be treated separately? Same with acceptance testing. Is it possible to have a thorough acceptance testing while still delivering at a faster cadence? The objective of this session is to examine these aspects carefully and see if we can have best of both the worlds. So while DevOps receives the support and participation of security for accelerating releases, how can security and acceptance can take advantage of DevOps to support a more efficient secure program and create a "Trust and Verify" mindset insisted by Gartner.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

DevOps, Security and Acceptance testing
Bottlenecks and challenges
Strategies and levers to enable DevOps to Security's advantage
Collaboration culture for bringing security and continuous testing aspects in DNA

Learning Outcome

After attending this session, you will learn about examining the DevOps environment and bottlenecks pertaining to security and acceptance. You will learn of different strategies to automate security and build an environment of Trust. You will also learn how all elements can be used to the advantage of one another for helping highly competitive business environments.

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Managers, Consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees


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