How did I accelerated my own training & coaching business using agile values?

It is a success story of my own where in I applied lot of different values, lernings, principles like Lean & Agile, Design Thinking, Lean startup, Kaizen etc to make sure I improve everyday as a person, as a trainer, as a coach, as a nice human being with whom people want to get connected & be in touch with.

At the same time I made myself visible in the community.

I hope this talk will inspire others in the community to 'be agile' vs doing agile.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • My journey - 3 years back vs now
  • What I was doing in my career?
  • What I wanted to do?
  • How I did it - by being agile?
  • Where am I in my professional career?
  • What is in it for audience?

Learning Outcome

People should start applying agile values in their daily life to be agile vs doing agile.

Target Audience

Scurm masters, developers, testets, aspiring agile coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants should have knowledge of agile manifesto & principles.

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      Manjunath Mathihalli / Prashant Shinde - Building a self-organizing and sustainable Communities of Practice by WorkingOutLoud!

      45 Mins

      In any large scale Agile transformation journey, it is very important to build and sustain continuous improvement culture. What choices are available beyond regular retrospectives and Inspect & Adapt workshops to identify and address improvement opportunities in a systematic approach?

      Communities of Practice help create a forum for interested individuals to learn from each other and external resources like eminent speakers, video recordings, books, etc. However, many learnings through these Communities of Practice activities very often doesn't always get converted into practical immediate to short term application. Therefore, the participating individuals gradually loose their interest in such COPs and within in a short time span, such COP initiative meets with its natural end. This leads the COP champions (or promoters, which typically would be Agile Coaches in cases of Agile Transformations) to wonder: what could be done to create an self-organizing environment for continuous improvement that yields tangible results to individuals and their teams/organization?

      Above questions were encountered by us in our current Agile transformation engagement and in response, we discovered the WorkingOutLoud concept from John Stepper. This model sounded like a perfect opportunity to experiment with our attempt to build a self-organizing and sustainable Community of Practice to promote continuous improvement culture at the overall organization level. In this talk, we shall share our approach and learnings from this experiment.