Making an organization think quality in their daily work

It is hard for companies to change, but how do you change the culture of an entire organization? We did it in Bankdata / 7N with education in agile testing for all employees.

I will deep dive into the Agile journey for Bankdata / 7N, and how we transformed it from waterfall to modern agile mindset. The journey has not been easy but we have made the first iteration in the journey.

After the talk you will have know how we changed the culture in the company with education so all employees think quality in their daily work.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Welcome - 2 min
  • Intro to speaker and Bankdata / 7N - 3 min
  • The Agile Journey for Bankdata / 7N - 10 min
  • The Agile education for employees - 10 min
  • Issues we faced - 10 min
  • Summary - 2 min
  • Questions - 8 min

Learning Outcome

After the talk the audience will know how Bankdata / 7N educated an entire organization in Agile testing, and what issues we faced in the progress.

Target Audience

Testers and Test Manager

Prerequisites for Attendees


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