Development of software today must be fast paced to follow the demand from the customers. In order to support this demand automated testing is the solution most companies turn to, but most fail in introducing this form for testing.

This talk will focus on a business perspective of automated testing, and what benefits the business gets from automated testing. Also I will talk about the pitfalls that often make companies fail in automating testing and finally I will give my advice how to introduce automated testing so it does not fail.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Intro - 5 min

Business benefits with automated testing - 10 min

The pitfalls of automated testing - 10 min

How to introduce automated testing - 10 min

Questions - 10 min

Learning Outcome

I will talk about the main problems most companies has when introducing automated testing in their development. The talk will end with 10 min advice on how it should be done starting from the unit test and ending at UI testing.

Target Audience

Testers and Test Managers

Prerequisites for Attendees


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Public Feedback

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  • Leena S N
    By Leena S N  ~  2 years ago
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    Hi Bjoern,

    I assume that the premise of the talk is that everyone knows that automated testing is good, but many teams fail in implementing it right. But there is some mismatch in the abstract and outline given. The abstract focus on the importance while the outline is about how to get started and the common pitfalls. Can you update it so that both reflect the same theme?

    Also, share the outline of the slides for the talk and any video of your presentation for us to understand your presentation style better.




    • Bjoern Noergaard
      By Bjoern Noergaard  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Leena

      I read the abstract and outline again, and added some in the end of the abstract. The idea in this talk will be to discuss what the busniess gains from automated testing, the pitfalls and then my plan for introducing automated testing.

      About the premise then I will establish that in the first part of the talk, but yes to run DevOps/CD you will need some form of automated testing.

      Thanks for the tips on links etc :) I added links to my presentation this week and also pictures from the presentation.

      I hope this helps otherwise ask.

      Bjørn :)

    • Bjoern Noergaard
      By Bjoern Noergaard  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Leena

      Thanks for the feed-back

      I will look into this a bit later today (CET)

      Bjørn :)