Lifting the DevOps Quotient in an enterprise - One person at a time

As enterprises begin their journey on DevOps maturity, its an uphill task to get the teams immersed in the new way of working. While the team has to continue producing value in their current agile teams, they need to gear up as well as envision the future. The Learning seems to be never enough with the new concepts, practices, tools and practices come into play. DevOps concepts demand a new way of thinking, a new culture to be embraced. The teams need to learn, experiment and apply concepts on their current legacy applications without affecting their deliverables, its nothing short of changing the tyre while the car is running. The problem complicates when the team size is larger, very typical in any enterprise, its like responding to hundred voices in one heart.

This is a story of one such journey of learning, sharing, experimenting to reinvent the application development team with DevOps on the mind. We would talk about how we defined our learning journey, empowered the teams through digital and in person training, used hackathons to experiment and learn, gamified learning by bringing teams together to talk and galvanized existing legacy applications. We would illustrate our mechanisms through activities with the audience to immerse them into the way.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • Asks in embracing DevOps way of working
  • Strategies to enable the DevOps journey - Demonstrate the pattern followed
  • Gamification of learning - Games to demonstrate
  • Top 5 Lessons learnt

Learning Outcome

After attending this session, you will experience a learning journey that enables teams new to DevOps start embracing the way of working. You will learn of different strategies to bring in the change in the practices and culture. You will also experience the gamified way of learning DevOps when transforming large teams.

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Managers, Consultants

Prerequisites for Attendees

Fundamental knowledge about what DevOps means

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