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Product Ownership is hard! If you're working as a product owner in an Agile team, you already know this is the toughest and most critical role in a successful product organization. If you're a UX practitioner, senior engineer, or marketing professional in your organization, it may seem like adopting Scrum or Agile development has stripped away your ability to contribute as a product decision maker.

If you're adopting an Agile approach, your organization may be struggling with bloated backlogs that aren't well understood, stressful planning meetings that last too long and fail to get at details needed to deliver predictably, a nagging feeling that you're building the wrong thing, a lack of time to work with customers and users, chronically late delivery, and frustrated business stakeholders...There's hope!

The Passionate Product Ownership workshop takes on the bad assumptions and bad practices that often emerge from overly simplistic approaches to agile development and Scrum. Jeff Patton will leverage his past product leadership experience, and years of coaching product teams to teach an effective product ownership strategy.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Agile, Scrum, & Product Ownership
  • Agile origins and values
  • The essential Scrum Process Framework
  • Product ownership practice that wraps the Scrum framework
  • Dual track development
  • Product discovery
  • Collaboration, card modeling, and shared understanding
  • Design thinking
  • Lean start-up’s validated learning
  • User stories and story mapping
  • Story essentials

Learning Outcome

In this workshop you will learn about the role of the Product Owner and an effective product owner strategy that:

  • Positions product owners as collaborative leaders that leverage a team to get their work done;
  • Relies on active participation from UX practitioners, lead engineers, business analysts, marketing professionals and others;
  • Complements solid Agile delivery practice with effective Product Discovery practice to design and validate product ideas faster;
  • Incorporates good product management thinking, design thinking, lean startup thinking, and lean UX thinking;
  • Leverages emergent collaborative design practices like Story Mapping, Persona Sketching, and Design Sketching;
  • Focuses product ownership on the goal of maximizing successful product outcomes in the market.

Target Audience

This workshop isn't just for product owners to learn about their role and responsibilities in Scrum. It's for a broader audience that includes UX practitioners, Business Analysts, Lead Developers and Engineers, Scrum Masters and any other roles

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  • Bharath Srinivasan
    By Bharath Srinivasan  ~  2 years ago
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    is this a certified workshop, do we get a PSPO certification through this, pl provide more details on this? thanks

    • Jeff Patton
      By Jeff Patton  ~  2 years ago
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      Hi Bharath,

      Janice here; I support Jeff so am jumping in to help.  :-)

      Thanks for your interest in attending Jeff's workshop.  Yes, this is a Scrum Alliance (scrumalliance.org) certified workshop.  You will achieve your CSPO certification once you attend this 2-day course and then "claim" your certification from the email that Scrum Alliance will send you.

      I hope this helps and that Jeff will see you in class!

      Meanwhile, please do reach out if we can help with anything else.

      Thanks again and all the best,

      Janice Brown
      Jeff Patton and Associates
      +1 405 706 5154

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      is this a certified workshop, do we get a PSPO certification through this, pl provide more details on this? thanks

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      • Bharath Srinivasan
        By Bharath Srinivasan  ~  2 years ago
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        Hi Janice, Many thanks for your feedback. I see the learning from this workshop especially from someone like Jeff of very high value. That's what I am looking at.

        also from the Cert aspect - will it help me to take up the PSPO 2 cert from Scrum.Org? let me know your views pls?


        Bharath S

        • Jeff Patton
          By Jeff Patton  ~  1 year ago
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          Hi Bharath - We/Jeff are not associated with Scrum.org so unfortunately have no knowledge of what their requirements are.  Apologies that we cannot be of more help on this question...