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Have you heard the terms “Design Thinking” or “Human-Centered Design” and thought, “That sounds cool, but what exactly is it?” In this full-day, hands-on workshop, the Cooper Team will introduce you to the power of Design Thinking. You’ll learn the process of this strategic problem-solving approach, and how it can help you and your organization rethink the products, services, and experiences you offer to both internal and external audiences. The workshop will allow you to learn and practice a few Design Thinking tools and empower you to make your work more collaborative, innovative, and effective.

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Learning Outcome

  • Describe the benefits of Design Thinking
  • Interview your target audience to gain insights into their goals and needs
  • Explore a range of possible solutions to address audience needs
  • Use storytelling to refine and evaluate a potential solution
  • Examine problems from your audience’s perspective
  • Consider how to apply Design Thinking in your daily work

Target Audience

Learn the tools of Design Thinking and how to apply them to your daily work.

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