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Learn To Scale Scrum Beyond A Single Team

Scaled Professional Scrum™ (SPS) with Nexus™ is a 2-day course that is designed as an experiential workshop where students learn how to scale Scrum using the Nexus Framework. Throughout, you are introduced to the artifacts and events within the framework, the new Nexus Integration Team role, along with more than 50 associated practices. The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Scaled Professional Scrum certification exam.

Over the 2 days, students will simulate a large software development project using the Nexus Framework. The workshop is delivered using an end-to-end case study where students work together to organize and simulate a scaled software development project. Throughout the workshop, students will be introduced to more than 50 practices that can be used to help reduce complexity and dependencies at scale.

The workshop will provide students with an understanding of how to launch, structure, staff, and manage a large Agile project using Scrum. Throughout the workshop, students will learn the infrastructure, tools and practices needed to successfully scale Scrum to maximize the value of their software development initiative.

By taking a hands-on approach, students are fully engaged in the learning process where they see first-hand the challenges in large-scale development initiatives and solutions for getting the work back on track. They will leave the workshop with techniques to detect irregularities and how to address them appropriately.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Scaled Scrum is still Scrum
  • Introduction to the Nexus Framework
  • New role, artifacts and events
  • Organizing teams & work
  • Managing the Nexus & Nexus+™
  • Dealing with common challenges
  • Practices to help teams efficiently build an integrated software product

Learning Outcome

  • Learn how to overcome challenges in large-scale development initiatives
  • Keep development initiatives on track
  • Experience organizing several teams working on the same product
  • Optimize team productivity
  • Understand how to identify, minimize and remove dependencies

Target Audience

The Scaled Professional Scrum course is recommended for development leads, development managers, project/program managers and anyone else involved in coaching, formulating, participating in or managing scaled product development projects using Agile and S

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  • Bharath Srinivasan
    By Bharath Srinivasan  ~  2 years ago
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    Is Nexus understanding mandatory for this workshop? I have practical experience in LeSS & SAFe frameworks for scaling, but not Nexus.

    Workshop looks very interesting, especially learning a lot from the two experts who are going to handhold it.

    • Kurt Bittner
      By Kurt Bittner  ~  2 years ago
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      The workshop will cover how to use Nexus to scale Scrum; no prior experience with Nexus is necessary. Experience in LeSS and/or SAFe is not necessary but familiarity with the challenges of scaling Scrum (or other agile approaches) will be helpful.

      • Bharath Srinivasan
        By Bharath Srinivasan  ~  2 years ago
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        thanks a lot Kurt. I also see that with the practical learning's from the workshop the participants would be able to take up the certified SPS assessment exam from Scrum.org. Do we get any reference materials,books,readouts as a part of the this workshop?

        + for participants who don't have the sponsorship support from an organization, is there a possibility for some discounted price?

        • Kurt Bittner
          By Kurt Bittner  ~  2 years ago
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          Yes, the workshop is a good to prepare for the SPS assessment, and there is a student guidebook that provides an excellent reference. A free attempt at the SPS certification exam is included for workshop participants.