The concept of self-service has become a part of everyday life. Enterprises now have the opportunity to create intelligent self-service experience, using real-time, understanding user patterns, identity of the user and provide relevant information. Virtual assistants have started revolutionizing this space, providing real time data.

We all have experienced success stories by following different Agile methodologies. Building virtual assistants (Chatbots) introduces new set of challenges starting from conceptualizing an idea/feature to deployment. As part of this talk, I will be sharing the balanced implementation of agile approach/practices which has worked for us, at every stage of development which includes requirement gathering, writing stories, developer testing, testing, user testing etc.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

a) Introduction to chatbots and approach to build bots

b) Agile development challenges

c) Talk about every stages of product development lifecycle + challenges + how we tried solving it

d) How to achieve incremental delivery

Learning Outcome

a) What to look for when developing "Smart AI bots"

b) What Agile practices get compromised (OR) implemented differently

c) List of best practices to be followed at every stage of product development

Target Audience

Executives, Product managers, Engineering manager, Architects, Senior developers

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basics of Agile disciplines, approach and practices

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  • Ravi Kumar
    By Ravi Kumar  ~  1 year ago
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    Hi Sathyan,

    Thanks for submitting the proposal.

    Can you please update the proposal with links to one of your past talks and article/blog on this topic. If you don't have these I suggest to capture a 5 min video from talk/presentation on any topic either internal in your organisation or external and also attach a link to a draft version of the slides for this talk.




    • Sathyan S Sethu Madhavan
      By Sathyan S Sethu Madhavan  ~  1 year ago
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      Sure Ravi.

      Here is the draft PPT link -


      This PPT details the coverage of the topics, additional techniques and key benefits/outcomes for each topics mentioned in the slides, will be covered as part of the talk.

      Here are few links about articles/blogs etc:

      1. Revolution of self-service at workplace - Published in CIO magazine - October 2018
      2. Product development best practices – The Agile way - Jan 2018
      3. Specifications test assembly unit for Enterprise product testing” in World Conference on Next 
Gen Testing – Bangalore, India – July 2013
      4. “Specifications - Test Automation Pyramid” in VodQA – Bangalore, India – September 2012 
      5. “Specifications For Enterprise Testing”inVodQA–NCR,Gurgaon,India–November2011 
      6. “Distributed Agile for Enterprises”inAgile-China2010,Beijing,China–October2010
      7. “Complex Data Extraction Testing”inStep-Auto2008,Bangalore,India–February2008
      8. “SOATesting–ValidationMethodologyandTesting”inStep-InSummit2008,Bangalore
      9. “SOA Testing – Validation Methodology and Testing Framework” in Step-Auto Colloquium on Test Automation 2007, Pune, India – November 2007 

      10. 10 steps approach to Test Automation Framework Development” in APAC Testing Conference, Singapore – February 2007 



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