Product Owners are from Mars and Scrum masters are from Venus!

Mars is to stand up, be noticed and get things done — sitting on the sidelines belongs somewhere else in the heavens. Mars speaks to the power and confident expression of the individual. Whether it’s at work or on the field of play, Mars encourages us to face challenges and to be our best -- or better. Aggression is part of the plan here although Mars also values courage and honor. Assertion and a daring, fearless nature please this planet.

Venus rules our sentiments, what we value, and the pleasure we take in life. Grace, charm, and beauty are all ruled by Venus. Through Venus, we learn about our tastes, pleasures, artistic inclinations, and what makes us happy. Venus rules attachments to others. Venus energy is harmonious, and this is why people with Venus prominent in their charts are often peace-makers. In Venus, we find a need to be appreciated and to appreciate.

In my 9 years of the Agile software product development journey, I have been performing these roles in the different time in my career in the different context and appreciating these 2 roles as they are from different planets! both these planets influence the team in a different way to achieve agility. When all the team members work on planet Earth under scrum team, we have interesting things to observe and learn.

Why these 2 roles are different planets?

Why these 2 roles should be from different planets?

What advantage we have when these roles are from 2 different planets?

How does these role difference help to bring about business agility?

Challenges we have all these planets members function closely and how can we establish the culture.

I will be glad to share various models and techniques which is working for me and they are proven and should be working for anyone. We will talk more about the story to establish these concepts and effect on team coaching.

I have shared some of my thoughts in LinkedIn blogs and linked are attached.


Outline/Structure of the Tutorial

a) Why these 2 roles are different? Context - 10 mins

b) Different mindset? Different context? Different leadership style? - 10 mins

c) An advantage of differences? and how to achieve business agility by breaking the silos? bringing collaboration- 15 mins

d) What if both of them are from Planet Earth? - 5 mins

e) A real-life case study - 10 mins

Learning Outcome

a) How context drives everything?

b) How these roles contribution can be maximized?

c) Few soft skills to be emphasized to function smoothly?

d) Process to be established to improve agility

Target Audience

Product Owner, Scrum Master,Product Manager, scrum teams,Leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

- Ask more questions

- Challenge the concept

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