Inclusive Design - Manual & Automated Accessibility Implementation with Agility

When websites are designed, developed all users have equal access to information& functionality. QA& Dev needs to make sure web & mobile should be accessible to all users including differently abled or having special needs, abide by legislation (WCAG, section 508, ADA) and avoid lawsuits. QA needs to make the strategy using Manual review, Accessibility toolbars, Online evaluation tools, Assistive technology and Realistic end-user testing (visually challenged) and bring automation using Protractor, Selenium, HTML code sniffer/AXE to make developers and stakeholders aware on product accessibility compliance.

I would like to mainly concentrate on 4 principles (POUR - perceivable, operable, understandable, Robust) and 12 guidelines of Text alternatives by providing alt attributes, Time based media by proving captions, Adaptable by all assistive technologies like screen readers/magnifiers, Distinguishable, Keyboard accessible, Enough Time for seeing especially for people having dyslexia, Navigate to all pages by providing appropriate headers sizes and accessible links, Readable by providing ARIA labels and roles, predictable and input assistance by providing error messages with efficient colour contrast, Compatible with all browser versions and make responsive web design suits tablets, mobile and Desktop

QA should gain expertise by going through 30- day accessibility testing and adopt across the organization by having key stakeholders, checklist and benchmark levels of WCAG (A, AA, AAA). Establish UI standards, color contrast across teams. Inspire team by making accessibility is right to use

This paper describes manual testing by reviewing HTML code and automated Accessibility techniques using evaluation tools like Voice over, AXE, HTML code sniffer, WAVE, A checker, W3c Mobile ok analyser, color contrast analyser useful for developers and QA within their automated scripts

Demonstration of Manual and Automated Accessibility tools/libraries/ utility checks and reports generated with accessibility violations of all pages in a website


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  1. [0-3] What, why Accessibility Testing, Web Accessibility
  2. [4-5]Technical Agility with Accessibility
  3. Adoption of Accessibility in Sprints & Iterations
  4. [6-8]Differently Abled users & Scenarios
  5. [9-10]Accessibility Lifecycle Testing Strategy
  6. [11-12]WCAG Standards & Guidelines
  7. [13]Accessibility Testing tools & Techstack
  8. [14]Case Study: How I reduced Time from 2 months Manual work to 5 mins and improved quality and ROI
  9. [15]ARIA attributes
  10. [16- 35]Live Demonstration: Accessibility Toolbars/ Plugins, Accessibility Tab in Browser, Online static Evaluation Tools, Assistive Technologies does screen readers, Keyboard strokes & Automated Accessibility Testing with Protractor
  11. [36]How to kickstart accessibility across the organization
  12. [37]30- days Accessibility Challenge
  13. [38] References
  14. [39-45] Q & A

Learning Outcome

Value proportion :

  • How UX can design specs with accessibility having good colour contrast, fonts, keyboard shortcuts, colour with icons & Hovers
  • How a developer can write/implement accessible lines of code
  • How QA can detect accessibility violations
  • Reduce Efforts and Time invested in accessibility
  • Accessibility Evaluation
  • product owner can use these metrics to showcase for prospective customers & their experience

Agenda of this demonstration is to how to prevent accessibility violations and if not detect & fix iterative iterations to enhance the customer experience in turn raises customer base of differently abled too


  • Quicker feedback and high ROI for standard accessibility compliances by automated tests
  • How to kickstart, adopt accessibility in sprints & Iterations across the organization
  • Accessibility Toolbars/ Plugins, Accessibility Tab in Browser, Online static Evaluation Tools, Assistive Technologies does screen readers, Keyboard strokes & Automated Accessibility Testing with Protractor
  • How we can implement automated accessibility in middle of functional workflows
  • Accessibility Testing awareness
  • ARIA attributes
  • Different Accessibility standards
  • Automated Accessibility libraries
  • Finding accessibility violations without being an accessibility expert
  • Accessibility Test Summary Reporting

Target Audience

Developer, UXD, QA, Scrum Master, Product Owner, UX Analyst

Prerequisites for Attendees

HTML Basics

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