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Say the word “Innovation” and it invokes different reactions – Some find it exciting whereas other find it management gimmick and buzz word. In this era of digital transformation, innovation has become even more important with companies expecting to bring in innovation culture to their teams. With agile bringing in culture of rapid deliveries, continuous feedback, teams often face the dichotomy of being innovative and delivering what is asked by the product management at the same time. In such situation only focusing on delivering what is needed often wins with innovation taking a back seat. In large enterprises, often innovation is left to a small focused group which further delineates the larger agile delivery teams which may have differentiated solutions that could translate to next big idea for the company. This talk explores some practical tips and techniques on what can be done to address such challenges and help organization to stay ahead.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Total 45 minutes will be divided as follows

Part 1: Introduction

0-5 min: Game 1 on lateral & creative thinking

5-10 min: Importance of innovation in digital era

Part 2:

10 – 15 min: Impediments seen while bringing in focus on innovation in agile teams / programs. Few highlighted below

  1. Focusing only on sprint goal
  2. Inefficient use of Innovation fund
  3. No room for failure
  4. Group think trap

15 – 20 min: Theory on different types of innovation and what assists in innovation

20 – 30 min: Translating theory into tips & techniques to infuse innovation in agile teams / programs. Few highlighted below

  1. Tips for Management level e.g. Negotiating time, Measurements
  2. Tips for Team member level e.g. Pair rotation, Utilizing retrospectives
  3. Tips for Coach / Transformation Head level e.g. Golden Stories in Backlog, Ignite creative thinking spark during agile ceremonies

Part 3:

30 – 35 min: Practical benefits seen in agile teams / programs after implementing these techniques

35 - 40 min: Game 2 on lateral & creative thinking & Wrap-Up

40 – 45 min: Q&A

Learning Outcome

Audience will get practical insight into what can help to jumpstart an innovation based focus in large companies.

Target Audience

Scrum masters, executives, agile coaches, transformation leads

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience with working in large agile programs and large enterprises is desirable

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  • Jeremy Kriegel
    By Jeremy Kriegel  ~  1 year ago
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    Consider limiting the section on the importance of innovation. That should be a given. Do you have any content around helping teams sell the value of this change to those who are perpetuating the status quo? Maybe that is the tips for management level, but I assume that is for managers. I'm looking for tips to use to sell up the management chain.